Aaron Wise earned his first PGA Tour victory Sunday, and with it came plenty of discussion about his relationship status, after his girlfriend rejected his kiss.   

According to Wise, though, it was all just a big misunderstanding.  

“Yeah, I been giving her some s— about that,” Wise said Wednesday, prior to this week’s Fort Worth Invitational. “A lot has been made about that. It’s really nothing. Like I was saying, she was just so excited to surprise me. I was kind of ruining the surprise a little bit that she was shocked, and she didn’t even see me go in for the kiss. No hard feelings at all. We love each other a ton and we’re great. It was a funny moment that I think we’ll always be able to look back at, but that’s all it really was.”  

He’s really trying to make the best of this, can’t blame him, but I don’t think they’ll look back at this down the road and laugh. I doubt they’ll even be together down the road. He still walked away with the win, so he has that going for him.  

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