Here’s a pretty interesting play, one rarely seen on the hardwood. He does look like he travels though, at a different point. Right before he throws the backboard pass, it looks like he shuffles his feet, and you’re only allowed to pivot once you’ve completed the gather. 

Is this a travel, or a legit basket? I’m having difficulty just trying to wrap my head around this play. For sure thought he was going to shoot the three after the step back. Nope, improvisation at its finest.

It’s a legal move and James Harden does it all the time (stepback). You can see a 19 year veteran NBA ref break it down below  

That was still some straight up backyard basketball stuff. Not a travel but not advised either during a live game. He’s probably never going to pull that off again. Not sure how someone comes up with this during a live game. All-star game move for sure.