According to Blacks Sports Online, they received a tip from a source close to LeBron’s wife, Savannah.  The source says that LeBron’s next decision is about family and not basketball.

That seems to confirm what has been rumored about his next move.

Via BSO:

“This decision is all about their kids, not so much the little princess, but the two boys. They feel the boys high school years are very important to their development, both on and off the court and because of their fame want to keep them as grounded as possible.

They are deciding if it is best to have the boys stay in Cleveland where it is much more smaller in scale, but puts them in a fish bowl because they are the most famous kids there or is it better to move to LA where celebrity kids are the norm, so they will blend in more with their environment.

What is best for their development? Putting them for lack of a better term in the Kardashian lifestyle when they are young, so they might be more equip to handle their celebrity status when that get older or is it better to shield them from that for as long as possible, which you can do in Cleveland.

Savannah and LeBron are great parents and while this decision does have a lot to do with basketball, it has more to do with the future of their family.”

The question still remains.  Is Los Angeles or Cleveland better for his family and his kids?  We’re with Snoop and saying he’ll be in the purple and gold next season.