Jets Head Coach Adam Gase addressed the signing of Le’Veon Bell on Thursday.  While seeming to agree that he didn’t want to sign a running back for that amount of money, Gase says he’s excited about the opportunity to coach the talented running back.

Gase denies any plans to trade also Bell and called him a great player and good person, via Newsday:

“We signed him. I’m excited we have him,” Gase said. “I’ve been in constant communication with him. Discussions happen. To me, when you’re going through free agency – we signed a lot of guys – you’re trying to put together a big puzzle. You’re trying to figure out money, fit, locker room, all those things. There’s a lot of things go into all that stuff.

“Discussions are had and whether or not we disagreed on anything if it was financially, that’s a completely different story than the person or the player. That’s where a lot of this gets misconstrued. Le’Veon Bell is a great player. He’s a good person. He’s been in constant contact with me. I’ve enjoyed my interaction with him.”

The tumors about Gase not being a fan of Bell’s contract appear to be accurate.  He tried to soften the blow, but you can’t expect that not to cause at the very least a little bit of a divide.  

A little bit is all it takes for a relationship to quuckly go south. 

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