Diamondbacks right fielder Adam Jones had a Padres fan kicked out of Petco Park on Wednesday because the fan was using profanity while heckling him.  He spoke about the incident after the game and said cussing him like he’s a little kid is a “no-no.”

Via USA Today:

“These fans in sports, man, they’re starting to get a little more brazen,” Jones said. “I’ve said it many times, and obviously I’ve had altercations with fans. My biggest thing is, keep the banter polite – we suck, I struck out, the team’s not good. Keep it light, keep it smart. There’s kids in the stadium. But the second you start cussing me out like I’m a little kid, that’s a no-no.

“On the street, they’d never do that. In the ballpark when you’ve paid your admission, there’s no need for all that stuff. The second I hear somebody cussing us out, you’re gone. I could care less that they’re gone. That’s just how it is. I made a nice play, and just hearing the B-word, F-word, that’s not baseball talk. So … he gone.”

Is he for real?  This might ne the softest move by anyone in the history of baseball. 

There is a line when heckling players and using profanity isn’t it.  If the fan wasn’t using racial slurs or talking about your family then the line wasn’t crossed.

If you can’t take a few adult words being tossed your way then maybe it’s time to start wearing earplugs.  I blame the protective nets and the feeling that everyone should be protected at all times.

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