Adam Schefter is showing off his fun side.

This past football Sunday footage emerged of a shirtless Kirk Cousins celebrating with the rest of his team after the Minnesota Vikings defeated the Washington Commanders on the road. In a video posted to Instagram by teammate Cameron Dantzler, who was knocked out of the win over Washington with an ankle injury, Cousins can be seen with chains around his neck, doing his best to dance:

Honestly that looks more like a warmup before shoulder day at the gym than anything else, but I digress.

Now, perhaps you thought that would be the end of the story. Sure, Cousins is having fun this season, heโ€™s out there trying his best to hit the Griddy among other things, but let him have some fun, and we can all move on.

Wait, hold on, Iโ€™m being told we have a developing story in New Orleans.

One of the โ€œshirtless Adam Schefterโ€ variety:

Hopefully Schefter did not hurt himself with this tribute to Cousins. After attempting the Griddy at Soldier Field a season ago, he was later diagnosed with a torn meniscus, which the ESPN insider attributed to his attempt at the celebration:

Oh by the way the New Orleans Saints host the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football tonight. Can we please kick that game off so we can do our best as a family to forget this ever happened?

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