Adam Schefter went on “Get Up” on Tuesday morning to discuss what is next for Le’Veon Bell after failing to sign a long-term deal with the Steelers.  What is immediately next for Bell is not showing up for any of the team’s summer activities.

Schefter then said it’s possible that Bell misses a few games during the season in order to keep himself healthy. 

I think there’s more at stake in this particular year, where basically he could wind up sitting out into the season.  Even though he’d be losing $854,000 a week, I think the ultimate goal here is his long-term preservation, not putting wear-and-tear on his body and making sure that he gets to the 2019 free agent market as healthy as possible.

They don’t call him an NFL insider for nothing.  Schefty knows best.  The Steelers made a huge mistake not getting a long-term deal done.