Via Pro Football Talk:

“Disbelief,” Peterson said, “because we have so much talent and this is the third week in a row that we’re just sitting here like, ‘God.’ You know, [if] we can just get it going for four quarters. We have a really good team. Thinking about everything that happened today, four, five turnovers, just missed opportunities in the run game, the pass game. I think the defense did an outstanding job, we put them in some terrible positions. There we are with seven minutes in their territory and we just need to convert to put points on the board and we have a game, it’s six minutes left. That’s how close we are. It’s all about just learning from this. I know guys realize how good we are. Tonight was the perfect example of coming back out second half, having a different energy to us and we weren’t giving up. We can tell with how we played and how we put ourselves in position, of course we need to execute. We just gotta improve on the things can improve on.”

This is nothing new for the Redskins.  They gather talented players who never seem to be able to play well together. 

Alex Smith gave them some hope last season before having his leg snapped, but this is a classic Daniel Snyder team.

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