We all know NFL star running back Adrian Peterson is a beast, but this is just too crazy. Peterson runs the first mile at 6 mph followed by another mile at 9 mph. Then, without stopping, he runs five more miles while alternating his speed on every lap around the track, one lap at 5-6.5 mph and then a lap at 12 mph.

This is the kind of training you do if you’re a little nuts. 

  • 1 mile at 6 mph
  • 1 mile at 9 mph
  • 1 lap at 5-6.5 mph
  • 1 lap at 12 mph
  • repeat the laps 20 times

This is why he’s a monster on the field. Age hasn’t slowed him down one bit. 

Someone needs to give him another shot at carrying the ball 20 times a game. Adrian is currently a free agent There are very few running backs who get better as the game goes on. This treadmill routine is probably the reason why.