Adrien Broner’s welterweight fight with Jessie Vargas on Saturday ended in a majority draw.  But it was Broner’s behavior following the 12 round Showtime boxing main event that had everyone talking.

Following the announcement of a draw Broner attempted to grab the mic from broadcaster Jim Gray.  From there things went completely nuts.

Broner and Vargas would exchange words in the middle of the ring, with Broner managing to hurl homophobic insults.

Broner was far from finished.  In fact, he was just getting started.  He turned his insults Gray’s way following the heated exchange with Vargas.

Before leaving the ring Broner had some insults to hurl at the crowd.  He would love to fight Vargas again.

What a wild scene.  Broner was clearly frustrated with result and didn’t attempt to bottle those frustrations up at all.