In ancient times, the royals used to play games for fun and social interaction. Various outdoor, board and dice games were played in those times. One of the oldest game that is still a hit in the current gaming market is gambling. As long as history goes, gambling has always been there in some form or the other. Here is a little overview of gambling, from where it started and how online casino has taken over in recent times. 


History of Casinos

Gambling has always been a part of fun and games. All the societies in history had some kind of gambling, which is why the exact origin of it is not known. But the first official gambling house of Europe was established in 1638 in the city of Venice. The house was named Ridotto. It was later closed by the government in 1774 as they felt that it was deteriorating the quality of civilization. 


In the history of America, the gambling places were known as saloons. But in the starting of the 20th century, the state legislation of America outlawed gambling. And later in the century, it was legalized in Nevada and New Jersy. And that is when casinos came in. Casinos have various games of chance and they also provide with drinks. Casinos cut a definite commission from each gambling game and it is called the rake. And the percentage of the amount that is returned to the player on winning is called the payout. 


With these commissions, casinos maintain their property and the perks they provide to the gamblers. Some casinos host live bands and comedians too. But with the technology on a blast, every in-person game is going online. And so are casinos. There are many benefits that online casino provide over the in-person casino, like convenience, better profit and fast results. Some of the other benefits are:


    • Convenient: These online casinos are really convenient as they can be played from anywhere. Also if someone is new in the casino world, there are ‘how to play’ guides that will help them to know better about a particular game. 


  • Fast: In-person games can stretch up to hours because people take their time in playing their chances. But with online casinos, this problem is highly solved. As they give only a limited time to the player to play their turn. This way, the game runs faster.
  • Better variety: Because of limited space and resources, the casinos are not able to provide a wide range of games. But that is not the case with online ones. As they do not have any issue of limited property, they can easily give many gaming options to the players. This is one of the major reasons for it being so popular amongst people. 
  • Better profits: Casinos have to maintain their property and provide their customers with so many perks. That is the reason for their higher commissions. But with online casinos, people are able to earn better profits as the commission rates are very low.




With these benefits of playing casinos online, more and more people prefer playing it every day.  And as it is becoming more popular, it is seeking to provide even more benefits to its players.