Kevin Durant underwent surgery on his ruptured Achilles, an injury with an average recovery time of about nine months.

After the Warriors lost Game 6 of the NBA Finals to the Toronto Raptors, coach Steve Kerr was asked about the “what ifs” surrounding how this season ended, and that’s when he dropped this nugget about Durant.

“I mean, more than the what ifs is just feeling bad for the players involved,” Kerr told reporters in Oakland. “Injuries are always part of the NBA season — any professional sport, injuries play a huge role. It’s just the nature of these injuries, the severity of these injuries.

“And we’ll know more about Klay. But we can sit here and say, ‘Well, if this hadn’t happened or that hadn’t happened’ — that doesn’t matter. What matters is Kevin Durant is going to miss next season with an Achilles tear, and Klay suffered a knee injury. And we’ll know, as I said, we’ll know more before too long.

“But it’s just brutal. It’s just brutal of what these guys have had to deal with, and what they’re dealing with right now. So, that’s my initial feeling.”


No one knows where Durant will sign this offseason, but whichever team lands him will do it knowing that he will miss a majority, if not all, of the 2019-20 season.

If you’re signing Durant, you’re signing him for 2020-21.

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