Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman unleashed a string of expletives against umpires on Wednesday when asked about his triple that was overturned due to fan interference.

In postgame remarks to reporters after his team’s 3-2 loss to the Colorado Rockies, Bregman was pointedly critical of the decision, calling it “a (expletive) joke.”

“It changed the whole f*cking game. We’re up 2-1 at the time, I’m at third base. We need a fly ball to the outfield to get me in, and it’s 3-1. It’s fucking horrible.”

Bregman argued that it was a difficult play and Parra, who was backtracking to pursue the ball, would not have absolutely caught the ball, regardless of whether or not the fan interfered. You need the fans there, and unfortunately once in a while, one will interfere.