If you’re unfamiliar, there’s been a underground celebrity beef brewing between MMA announcer Joe Rogan, and Info Wars’ Alex Jones. 

Deadspin documented their issues. 

Now the latest blow comes courtesy of Alex Jones. 

The Conspiracy theorist buffoon made a video about Joe Rogan’s step daughter, and it looks like the video has been deleted from his website. 

Here’s Joe Rogan’s daughter Alex Jones references in his argument.  

The video was just Alex Jones showing pictures of Rogan’s stepdaughter while commenting on how hot she is, and asking repeatedly what she thinks of having a racist stepdad since she’s black. Really bizarre video

Luckily, we have that video, and strangely enough, Alex Jones used our website to track down dirt on Rogan. 

Check out the screenshot below:  

And here’s a quick clip of him searching our site. 

You can watch the full video below: 

Sorry in advance to Joe Rogan for supplying ammunition to Alex Jones. We would have never posted had we known that bloated turd was going to use it against you. 


You can check out pics of Rogan’s daughter below:

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