Wayne Gretzky and Alex Ovechkin faced off in a game of NHL20 to raise money for coronavirus charities, Wednesday night.

The game was aired on Twitch and was hosted by Caps Gaming’s John Wayne.

Ovechkin played as a current Capitals team while Gretzky led a legends Edmonton Oilers squad.

While most expected a blowout by Ovechkin, Gretzky, who was playing with his sons, took an early first-period lead.

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The two NHL legends traded leads back and forth.

Late in the third, Gretzky’s Oilers owned a 4-3 lead and looked to close out the game. Ovechkin, embarrassed he might lose to a 59-year-old who rarely plays video games, rallied and scored with 2.4 seconds left to force overtime.

Ovechkin was a little excited to say the least.

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