NHL star Alexander Ovechkin has said he would be open to a White House visit and would use the opportunity to ask US President Donald Trump “when the relationship with Russia will improve.”

Washington Capitals star Ovechkin helped the team to a first-ever Stanley Cup title last season.

The White House has yet to arrange a customary visit by the champions to meet President Trump, reportedly putting the issue down to scheduling problems.

Ovechkin has said that he would take up any invitation to visit the White House, and would even ask Trump about the troubled current relations between his Russian motherland and the country he plies his trade in.

“Of course I’ll go there [if invited]. It’s not every day you get to go to the White House. I would chat for a while, take a photo with the president and ask when the relationship with Russia is going to improve,” Ovechkin said with a smile, while speaking in Russian to Sport Express.

When asked whether he could make a difference to strained ties as “the most popular Russian in Washington,” Ovechkin replied: “I’m away from politics. Politics is a separate topic.

“For me the most important is peace in the world and health for all the people,” he added.

 Ovechkin is a known supporter of President Putin.

I’m sure he’ll get along wonderfully with Trump.   

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