When you’re as famous as A-Rod and J-Lo, there’s no getting out of the bill when you leave the restaurant. 

If they’re not getting a freebie, then the restaurant expects full payment. The two jetted out of Avra in Beverly Hills on Sunday evening so fast, they didn’t pay their check. Instead, the bodyguard was left to deal with the bill.  

The guard, who has been working for Jennifer for years, had on a beige shirt with black slacks and sneakers. The waiter looked a bit embarrassed as he was photographed during the signing on the street. 

Check out all the pics below:   

An eyewitness told DailyMail.com that they were taken to their car by their bodyguard and had to wait inside the SUV while the guard collected their takeout food. 

The handler was also seen signing the bill right there on the sidewalk in a brief awkward moment.  

Let’s hope they left a great tip.