New York’s privacy laws are under scrutiny as lawyers for Alex Rodriguez try to track down the photographer who took a picture of  him sitting on the toilet in his Park Avenue apartment he shares with Jennifer Lopez.

A picture making the rounds on social media shows the former New York Yankees slugger, known as “A-Rod”, looking at his phone in a white marble bathroom.

Michael Quinn, a New York art lawyer, said Rodriguez’s options for recourse were limited.

Via The Guardian

“New York state’s laws on rights to privacy are sparse,” Quinn said. “Any redress for this type of invasion – a photograph taken into a subject’s unobstructed window from a distance – would be limited to cases involving commercial exploitation.

“With the continued onslaught of intrusive technologies, it may be time for the legislature to revisit privacy protections … of course, it may also be time for interior designers to bring back venetian blinds.”

Not much A-Rod will be able to do, but let’s be honest, it’s not really that damning of a picture.  

No nudity, just a guy sitting on the head taking care of business. 

No money to be made off of that.  

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