A 49-year-old Pennsylvania man stole a few guitars from a music store in the early morning hours on Thursday.  He was arrested later that day after the surveillance video showed his face and license plate.

Apparently there isn’t a lot going on in Pittston, Pennsylvania because the news was there following his arrest and asked him for a comment.  He replied as anyone in his situation would with a “Go Eagles.” 

Via WNEP 16:

The only thing Dale Sourbeck, 49 of Pittston, had to say after police arrested him for burglary was, “Go Eagles.”

The face he made when he realized he was on camera while allegedly trying to steal guitars from Rock Street Music in Pittston around 3 a.m. on Thursday told a different story.

Police were able to catch up with Sourbeck because surveillance video caught a clear picture of his license plate and officers say they found stolen guitars in his home.

Let’s hope if he’s still in jail at the time of the Eagles playoff game against the Bears this weekend that the jail has the decency to make sure he’s able to watch it.  Sure he stole a few guitars, but even at his lowest moment he had his favorite football team on his mind.

With the combination of Nick Foles and this guy, how could Philadelphia possibly lose?