Padel has been making international headlines recently as the world’s fastest growing global sport. Recently spotted gaining traction in Europe, this racket sport hails from Mexico and is quickly winning the west.

The History of Padel

Like any cultural game, the racket sport of padel developed within the borders of its native people. In this case, padel dates to around 1969 where it developed in the beach resort at Acapulco. A Mexican businessman named Enrique Corcuera set up the first ever padel court and is believed to be the man who invented it.

Since its invention, padel has outgrown the boundaries of this southern state and spread throughout America. Its recent popularity means it has now become recognized in a worldwide scale, with tennis clubs as far away as The Netherlands adopting this thrilling game.

How to Play Padel?

Championship, tournament, and professional padel players take the sport seriously. From choosing the best padel racket to heated discussions on which boots are best, they spend years training to be the best. Just as the English have Wimbledon and tennis, the Mexicans have Acapulco and padel. How do you play it? Here is how.

The Rules of Padel:

  1. Decide if you would like to play as a pair or as a double pair. Get into your teams.
  2. Padel uses the same scoring system as tennis.
  3. All new sets begin with an underarm throw diagonally across the net to the player opposite.
  4. The server must bounce the ball before they hit it.
  5. The server’s feet should be behind the white serving line and should stay on the ground.
  6. The ball must land in the opposition’s serving box.
  7. Once the serve is complete, the game operates like tennis.
  8. If the ball hits you or your teammate’s body, it is out.
  9. If the ball hits the fencing or fixtures, you are out.
  10. If the ball bounces twice, you are out.

If you follow these rules, you will have a fun game of padel to enjoy which only gets better with experience.

Who Plays Padel?

This version of tennis has become popular all over the world. Nothing proves this better than the existence of the World Padel Tour. The finals of the Estrella Damm Menorca Open in 2023 were held in Spain. Both male and female participants competed for the ultimate title of best in the world. This competition is held every year and began in 1992. Ale Galan won the men’s draw, while Mara Ortega emerged as winner for the women.

If you would like to try padel for yourself, there is no reason that you cannot play this fascinating sport on your nearest local tennis court. Learn the rules, find a court, and see our article on how to enjoy padel tennis for further reading.