It’s that time of the week again, time to show off Jay Cutler and his enormous talent of being a reality television star.

In this week’s episode, Kristin Cavallari learns from hubby Jay Cutler they are officially moving, but first she has to put an end to the drama at Uncommon James. Now that Cutler has convinced his wife to pack up again, there’s one thing that she won’t stand for: Cutler’s beloved fish tank coming with them

“There’s one fish that’s still alive by the way from that massive fish tank,” she points out, as the camera pans to a lonely fish swimming by itself.

“He’s a survivor,” Cutler argues. “I don’t think anyone feeds him and he’s still coming. If he’s still alive when we move, I’m bringing him.”

Watch all Jay’s scenes below: 

Cutler continues to show off why he was one of the most confusing QB’s to ever play the game. Smoking Jay is here to stay.