Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler double date with Kelly and ‘The Canadian.’ The Uncommon James team prepares for opening day. Watch all Jay’s scenes below: 

More details below on the episode.  

Before Kristin could head up north, she had to meet best friend Kelly Henderson’s Canadian beau Matt. Even though the double date with Kristin, Jay Cutler, Kelly and Matt went very well, the lifestyle guru ruled that her bestie was no longer smitten with her suitor.

Kristin shared her opinion with her husband, who decided that Kelly’s change of heart was super “selfish.”

“You stalk him down, you get him to fly all the way here and then all of sudden you’re not into him?” the father of three quipped. “That’s a selfish move.”

Nonetheless, Jay quickly conceded that Kelly and Matt might just not be meant to be, unlike himself and Kristin. “Maybe the sparks aren’t gonna fly as quickly as they flew for us?” the retired quarterback conveyed. “You know when you know.”

“You know when you know,” Kristin happily iterated back to Jay.

Another great episode. LOL. You can watch all Jay’s episodes right here