Entertainment has evolved quite a lot over the years. As the digital era continues to move fast from one innovation to another, one no longer has to carry books while traveling to entertain themselves, thanks to Kindle. Similarly, there’s no need to pay for expensive tickets to watch entertainment shows as one can simply enjoy premium content on television. As time passed, different TV streaming apps and services surfaced that let people watch their favorite shows while on the go.

Spectrum on the Rise

Today, many different companies are offering digital streaming service. This poses a threat to the traditional TV services offered by telecom companies, taking them to the brink of extinction. However, there are still some names that are soldiering on such as Charter Spectrum. This company provides many interesting features with their Spectrum TV services such as parental control, DVR, and video on demand which helps them come at par with the digital streaming platforms. 

Who Can Take Advantage of Its Streaming Service? 

Spectrum has launched its streaming services exclusively for the subscribers of Spectrum internet. It is loaded with an impressive list of channels. You can access it with any device through the Spectrum TV app. Plus, you can enjoy the content from anywhere you want. 

This streaming service is for those who are seeking cost-effective entertainment options. Moreover, if you don’t like watching television all day but love sitcoms, cooking shows, dramas, and don’t need to live TV then you can subscribe to Spectrum streaming service. 

How to Watch Spectrum Streaming Service? 

If you think that Spectrum streaming service will work on a dedicated screen then you would be happy to know that this is not the case. You can enjoy the service on a variety of different devices including, Apple TV, Xbox One, Roku, iOS and Android smartphone or tablet, and Samsung Smart TV to name a few. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Spectrum streaming TV has been introduced for people who find Spectrum TV’s Gold, Silver or TV Select too expensive. It is also for people who like to watch their favorite shows on a portable device so they can enjoy it whenever and wherever they like. Charter Spectrum has created three different packages for their streaming service. Let’s have a look at each of them. 

Spectrum TV Choice

As the name suggests, this package is for people who would like custom select 10 networks of their choice in the list that will be apart from the selected major broadcast networks. The price of this deal starts at around $25. 

Spectrum TV Stream

The Spectrum TV Stream features a lineup of 25 channels that includes CBS, NBC, ABC, Animal Planet, AMC, Discovery, and Comedy Central. This deal too would cost you around $25. 

Spectrum TV Essentials 

It is a low-price deal that will cost you under $15/month. In this price tag, Spectrum is offering more than 50 channels including AMC, Food Network, HGTV, and Comedy Central. However, it will not include any TV broadcast or sports programs. 

The Special Features of the Service

Besides offering you a plethora of channels at a reasonable price, the Spectrum streaming service offers some really exciting features. It will take your TV viewing experience to another level. One of the most popular features of this service is the DVR. It will allow you to record and store the shows you love. You can view them later at your ease. 

An Enhanced Experience with Spectrum App

Apart from the devices mentioned above that supports Spectrum streaming service, there’s another option you can enjoy it on and that is Spectrum’s own application. You can get additional channels when you use the app such as The Movie Channel, HBO, STARZ, and Cinemax. However, you will be required to pay a small monthly fee for it. Also, you can access any of the network apps that you are subscribed to. The app will let you stream the content anywhere you want. Plus, you will be able to enjoy Live TV as well. You can even explore the On-Demand library that will have over 40,000 TV and movie titles. 

To use the Spectrum app on your device, you will first need to go to the site Spectrum.net/login. Once there create your Spectrum username and password. Please note that it will require 24 to 72 hours to get your username activated. You can then use your credentials to log in to your Spectrum TV app. If you face some issues logging into your account then you can always contact their customer service. You can find the Spectrum phone number on their website.


If you think Spectrum TV services are way too costly then fret not! The company offers a streaming service that comes with three economical packages. The best thing about this service is that it lets you select the lineup of channels according to your preference and taste. If you are thinking about whether to opt for Spectrum streaming service then this guide will help you make the decision.