On June 6, 2001, in overtime of Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Allen Iverson crossed him up and made a jumper in Lue’s face. He then maneuvered over Lue in an iconic move known as “The Stepover.”

“I remember him being a pest that night,” Iverson says during a recent Thuzio event in Philadelphia. “He told me later I was his idol, so everybody on his team — Shaq, Kobe — they were teasing him about it. ‘You gonna let A.I. come out here and bust your ass?’

“In his mind, ‘I got to prove to my squad that’s not the case even though I grew up idolizing this guy.’ It’s similar to how I felt about Jordan.”

Iverson was a once in a generation type player. For being his size, he really did some incredible things. Just imagine if that guy was 6’6. Funny thing is Lue is about the only guy he could have stepped over, he was even smaller than Iverson.