Happy International Women’s day 💪 Reminder to take time for yourself today & everyday. I believe one of the best ways to make change is to start with ourselves. Let your light & love inspire others. To all the men out there: we need your help too! We can’t do this alone. Let’s all be kind to each other & recognize we are all human. Have empathy towards one another. I think we all know how it feels to struggle, right? Also let’s stop shaming women and girls for what they wear. PLEASE. A woman or girl is NEVER asking for it by what she is wearing or what time of night it is or how much she’s had to drink. A SEXY OUTFIT IS NOT AN INVITATION #BossOfMyBody #BossOfYourBody #internationalwomensday 💪✨💪


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Raisman nailed her message and her choice in delivering it.  There are still some using social media for good.

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