American football is also known as American football. This is a sport played in the form of teamwork and is very popular with people here. Even more attractive to them than football and on par with basketball. So how is the rules for American football playing? See more: Top 8 Best Rugby Cleats

Some general information about American football

Rugby is a sport consisting of 2 teams competing, each team has 15 players competing. The ball when the players play will be oval in shape and weigh from 382 to 425g. When playing, everyone will be playing on the grass about 95m to 100m long. This distance is calculated in yards and specifically 100 yards in 20 sections. Each part consists of 5 yards and is marked by 19 white horizontal lines on the field.

Golf poles are planted in the center of the width of the course with a height of 10 feet. Above the golf course is a strip of 18 feet 6 inches long. The first two bars are two vertical bars 30 feet high.

American football comes from high schools and universities in the United States. The first match of the sport took place in 1986. This was a match between Rutgers University and Princeton, which played under the rules of primitive rugby. Ie playing in the form of throwing, not carrying the ball.

By the 1870s, universities began to apply the rules of Rugby football. This rule allows the player to bring the ball to run. By 1880, Walter Camp – the father of American rugby wrote the rules for American football. To this day this code is still implemented and is completely different from the Rugby ball in England.

American football rules

The rules of American football are not as complicated as you think. Usually when playing rugby will be divided into 2 main teams offensive and defensive teams. The attacking team will have 4 times to play and must find a way to bring their ball to your team yard. A total of 10 yards must go in, each yard is

equal to 0.91m. If, after 4 games, the attacking team fails to return to the team to exchange players for 10 yards, the ball must be yielded. The key here is to serve the ball back to your team to attack.

Once you hand over the ball to your team, the rules of rugby will begin to change. This change mainly changes in the context of the match. Now your team will take all the defensive players out and replace 11 attacking players. The offensive team did the opposite. That is, now they will change 11 offensive players to 11 defensive players.

Normally if the team has attacked 10 yards this time, they will get 4 more games. Just like that, if the offensive team put more balls to the opponent’s baseline, they will get 6 points – Touch down.

After each score of 7 points from Touch Down and 3 points of Field Goal, continue to change the rules of football. Now the attacking team must return the ball to your team by kicking the ball from the middle of the field. At this point your team will attack and your team will defend.

Some notes in American football rules

Although in general, American football rules are not too complicated and difficult. However, it is not without notes for this code.

  • Once playing, players of both teams line up at the ball point and put their heads together. All 2 team players must not cross the starting line for your team.
  • The ball issued to the attacking team must be passed to the player who specializes in passing the ball.
  • When defending, the defensive team can use any means to attack to bring the ball forward. Such as hugging, pulling shirts, holding hands, objects, or rushing in. However, do not block the person with your feet and punch the ball keeper
  • When attacking, the player who passes the volleyball to the wrong address and to the opposing team is called the Turn Over. Right now the right to attack will change for the team to sell without having to play 4 times.

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