Amir Khan and Bud Crawford’s WBO Welterweight title fight at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night was stopped in the sixth round after Khan was hit with an unintentional low blow.  There is a lot of controversy surrounding the end of the fight and many skeptic fans after it appeared that the low blow hit Khan’s leg and never made contact with his testicles, which is what Khan claims happened.

Khan was booed after the fight was stopped and many people are saying he quit.  Here’s a look at the low blow and the aftermath when Khan decides he can’t continue.

I’m not sure where Khan keeps his balls during a fight, but he must tuck them up on his hip.  That’s the only way Crawford’s punch hit Khan in the balls.  It looks more like Khan was looking for a way out of the fight and took his first opportunity after getting smashed in the hip.

Khan later tweeted out a picture of the punch to the hip and claimed he was peeing blood, which I guess is possible where the punch hit him, but he isn’t peeing blood because of a shot to the testicles.  Unless of course, he straps them to his hip.

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