As the NFL kicks off, it is clear that this season is shaping up to be as competitive as ever, but some teams have the right to feel more confident than others. With this year’s preseason being eliminated and teams have kept training camps closed off from the outside world, there has been less to go off from predictions this time around. 

Which teams are set to make it to the Super Bowl and which are set to face elimination early in the playoffs?

There are numerous ways to bet on the NFL this season. The NFL betting lines reflect the strengths and potential of each of the 32 teams in the league. Here are four of the teams that are predicted to win their division, each of these teams have been tipped as possible putting themselves into the postseason matches. 

Kansas City Chiefs

Playing in the AFC West, the Kansas City Chiefs have definite Super Bowl potential this season. The Chiefs have their secret weapon – quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The 24 year old led the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl match in 50 years last season and recently signed a 10 year contract extension for $477 million dollars. However there is a potential weak spot in their backfield defense, which has arisen due to Kendall Fuller leaving. Mahomes entered Week 1 as the favourite to take home the MVP honors this season. This award is based on number of wins, rank in division and expected points added for each play. 

The Chiefs are a strong team with a great record, they have gone into the postseason after winning the division title the last four years. 

The San Francisco 49ers

Over in the NFC West division, the 49ers have the best chance due to their airtight defense. 

Having drafted Bosa and traded for Dee Ford, the team are in a strong position. Nick Bosa recently smashed the record for total pressures at PFF. The player ended his rookie year with 80 in the bag, beating the record of 64 set by Aldon Smith back in 2011. Bosa is certainly one of the very best edge runners in the league and will play a big part in securing victory for the 49ers this season. 

However, something that should be factored in is that the team do have one of the toughest schedules based on the 2019 winning percentages.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are close behind the Kansas City Chiefs as favorites in the NFL this season. They could win between 10 to 14 games in 2020. 

Playing in the AFC North, they are expected to come out on top due to having the best all around team in the league. Shining star quarterback Lamar Jackson is a regular MVP and is back following recovery from a recent injury to his groin in August. 

This will be their 25th season in the NFL and this year hope to be defending their current AFC title. Baltimore are also expected to be very competitive this season and are hot on their heels in the running for this title.

Nevertheless, the Ravens also have luck on their side, having been rumoured to have the easiest schedule to contend with in the league. Their opponents have a combined record of 43.8% based on the previous year’s results. 

New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints are placed behind the Chiefs and Ravens in the rankings but are still the projected champions of the NFC South division at the very least. 

They also have one of the most well rounded teams in the league. Quarterback Drew Brees has been signed for two more years (for $50 million), due to his age this may be the last chance in his career to make it to the Super Bowl. The player is still at the top of his game in terms of accuracy, quick decision making and ability to lead the offense.

The Saints also have wide receiver Michael Thomas to hand. Thomas achieved the NFL record last season with 149 catches and has an impressive open targets percentage of 75.2% to his name. 

So the analytics suggest that the Chiefs, the 49ers, the Ravens and the Saints are all ones to watch out for this NFL season.