Last October Detroit Pistons big man Andre Drummond had a woman, who was not his girlfriend, show up to his games.  She made sure to let everyone know she was there to see him.

Her name is Abigail Russo and after we uncovered her, Drummond issued a statement denying a sexual relationship with her.  A few months after that it was revealed that Russo was pregnant. 

At that time, Drummond denied that the baby was his.  Now Abigail made an official announcement on social media about her child and his last name is interestingly enough, Drummond.

We don’t know if the two are still seeing each other, and it is possible that she had a child with someone who just so happened to have the last name Drummond, but we’re going to assume the child is his and give our congratulations.

See more of Abigail below:  

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