ESPN feature on Andre Iguodala:

With the media, he (Iguodala) is both thoughtful and adversarial; and with teammates, someone who both offers meaningful counsel but thrills in pressing buttons.

One such teammate was undrafted rookie James Michael McAdoo, a member of the Warriors’ first title team in 2015 who didn’t want to spend his minimum salary on a new car. Iguodala admired the rookie for his frugality but also felt empathy seeing him dropped off each day at the Warriors’ practice facility by his girlfriend.

Soon after the confetti fell in Cleveland, the Warriors chartered a plane for Las Vegas to celebrate. Iguodala offered McAdoo his souped-up Jeep Wrangler if he’d strip naked and streak up and down the aisle of the plane.

McAdoo accepted the dare, and thrilled in driving his new vehicle to the facility each of his next two seasons with the Warriors.

Asked about the episode, Iguodala says with a Cheshire grin, “There may or may not be video in my phone.”