Andreessen Horowitz, popularly known as a16z, is on a quest to raise $4.5 billion for a crypto venture fund. This fund would break the company’s previous record of generating the largest funds, $2.2 billion, within the Bitcoin and Android industry.  

Cointelegraph and the Financial Times reported that the company plans to invest $3.5 billion into a crypto venture fund and $1 million as seed funding into best cryptocurrency signals on Telegram that show potential.

Getting ahead of other top VCs

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) is a renowned venture capital giant. In recent years, the company has invested massively and contributed in various ways to the growth of the crypto industry. The company is betting on crypto and the blockchain being the next big thing like the internet. 

The company profited a lot from the recent NFT boom, as it has stakes in companies like Dapper Labs and OpenSea. It also has stakes in the protocol lab and polychain capital. The venture capital firm says it is committed to investing and holding on to all investments for at least ten years. 

The firm’s VC fund will take the most significant share of the $4.5 billion, while start-ups related to Web3 seed investments will receive seed capital from the remaining $1 billion.

The detailed plans for this recent funding are slated to be announced in March.

Raising the largest cryptocurrency fund 

Currently, the largest cryptocurrency fund ever raised is $2.5 billion, which was generated by Paradigm in late 2021. Before this, a16z raised the previous largest fund in the crypto industry, $2.2 billion. The crypto exchange company, FTX, attempted to surpass Paradigm’s record some weeks ago but failed.

The firm, a16z, has called the attention of willing investors to its new fundraising. It has briefed these individuals and companies on how the funds will be utilized. Its plans to double the amount raised less than a year ago might seem like a pipe dream, but the data shows that large institutions are very willing to flood the crypto industry with large sums of capital. 

In the past, many investors would have balked at top VC firms’ attempts to raise unprecedented sums of money within a brief window. Several top venture capital firms are rushing into crypto and powering the various projects that can displace centralized banking systems. 

This new announcement comes a few months after one of the company’s senior partners, Katie Haun, resigned to start her own VC firm. Haun, a former prosecutor at the Justice Department, used to be a vital member of the company. She helped launch the department’s first government crypto task force and has worked on some high-profile crypto-related cases—one of which is Silk Road.

The board of Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) has emphasized that the total sum if raised, would be used solely on cryptocurrency projects.

We’ve observed that the firm is tilting more towards decentralized finance, otherwise known as “DeFi.” This crypto niche deals with traditional financial applications that provide lending or banking services to users and are built on blockchain technologies. 

The Digital Asset Frenzy Continues

Despite the volatile state of the crypto industry, a16z might not be the only company looking to raise such unprecedented funds. However, if the firm is successful, it would ease the process for other VCs and boost the confidence of crypto venture investors. 

Last year, about $30 billion was poured into crypto start-up deals in different world regions by global venture capital firms. According to data published by Pitchbook, this amount is six times more than what was invested in 2020.

Everyone, including hedge funds and non-traditional financial backers, is looking to profit off the rapid growth of digital assets.

Leaving Crypto Behind

Andreessen announced three other new funds outside of the crypto industry at the beginning of this year, all of which amount to $9 billion. These funds will be targeted towards biotechnology, enterprise, consumer, and Fintechs. 

A16z is one of the leading global VCs, having invested early in giant platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Stripe, Coinbase, and Airbnb.

The Silicon Valley-based firm’s keen interest in cryptocurrency-related projects has not derailed its interest in other sectors. It is steadily growing its portfolio.

Indications point out that a16z will remain one of the most active investors in the crypto industry, especially if this proposed funding falls into place.