Minnesota Timberwolves star Andrew Wiggins and his rumored fiancee, Mychal Johnson, had a baby shower with family and friends on Sunday.  On Wednesday the couple revealed to everyone, who didn’t attend the baby shower, that they’re expecting a girl who they plan to name Amyah.

According to Mychal, Sunday was a huge success.  Wiggins is still keeping quiet about the whole thing on his Instagram account.

Congratulations to the young couple and their growing family.  We were all over this one from the beginning thanks to our loyal tipsters.  

Andrew Wiggins is Allegedly Pregnant

Andrew Wiggins’ Girlfriend Seems to Confirm She’s Pregnant

Andrew Wiggins Girlfriend is Definitely Pregnant

We’ll keep our eyes open and the tip line wide open for when Mychal gives birth.  Or if they are engaged when they get married.