Andy Reid and the Chiefs aren’t happy that Patrick Mahomes and the offense never got on the field during the AFC Championship game.  So according to Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach, Reid is working on a proposal to change the overtime rules.

Via Pro Football Talk:

Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach said on PFT Live, Chiefs coach Andy Reid is working on a proposal to change the overtime rules and guarantee that each team would get an offensive possession.

“Coach is working on that,” Veach said. “I think everybody wants a chance for guys to do what they do. I don’t really see the downside of having that. Especially when you have a player like Pat Mahomes. It would have been a lot of fun. I think people, if they weren’t already tuned in for a great game, would have turned on that overtime.”

Maybe instead of working on a proposal to change overtime rules, Reid should be working on improving his defense so they can come up with a stop and get his offense the ball.  Isn’t playing defense part of football?

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