Sunday’s Padres and Cubs game ended on one of the worst third strike calls you will ever see.  The umpire is none other than Angel Hernandez, proving once again he’s the worst.

Hernandez punched out Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo on a pitch in the other batter’s box.  It probably didn’t make a difference in this game, but this pitch can’t be called a strike in the Major Leagues.

Rizzo and Cubs manager Joe Maddon immediately complained and were reportedly told to go look at the pitch on video, via NBC Sports:

“That call is unacceptable. Angel told me to look at it. I looked at it, and he’s wrong. And I would like for him to confirm that. That can’t happen. That can’t happen in the major leagues, at Wrigley Field, at any field.”

No matter how you look at this pitch, it isn’t even close to being the strike.  Hernandez telling Rizzo to go look at it confirms one thing, he needs to removed as an umpire at the Major League level.