As we told you a few days ago Angela Rypien and her fiance Justin Miller welcomed a baby boy.  He was born in the early morning of April 2nd and they named him Juvanni Rypien Miller. 

Our source tells us that the couple spent an additional eight days in the hospital after the birth because their newborn was jaundice.

The couple was able to take their son home on Tuesday and everyone is doing great. 

Angela Rypien gave birth to her fiancĂ© Justin Miller’s son the morning of 4/2/18 at 4:08am in Gilbert AZ. Juvanni Rypien Miller was 8.8LBS and 22inches long. Justin took Angela and Juvanni home yesterday after 8 days. Juvanni was jaundice, bilirubin numbers too high for comfort. Home today doing great. Couple says they are very blessed and hope to have one or two more in the near future. 

Congratulations are in order for Angela and Justin, and we can’t forget about Grandpa Mark.  Below are a couple of pictures of baby Juvanni.