Apparently KD is not the number one most hated player in the NBA. 

So how does one compile such a list of players who fans hate? 

According to a recent study of over 100,000 tweets, four-time NBA MVP LeBron James is the most hated payer in the NBA, surpassing 10-time All Star Kevin Durant.

And the LeBron/Lakers hate will only grow now that they’ve landed Anthony Davis, who is the “most hated” superstar in the Louisiana, Arkansas area.

Check out the map below:  

The breakdown is as follows, in terms of “most hated” NBA stars.

Lebron James – 25 states

Kevin Durant – 17 states

Kyrie Irving – 5 states

Anthony Davis – 2 states

James Harden – 1 state

Makes sense that they hate AD in Louisiana. Not exactly sure what’s up with the Bron hate in California. 

Maybe that’ll change once he gets them back to the playoffs.  

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