We received another tip on our Tip Line about Jimmy Garoppolo, the most sought-after QB in the NFL.

This tip is about another one of Jimmy’s “hookups” and picks up on our first tip that insinuated he is not exclusive with Alexandra King.

According to the tipster, Garoppolo has also regularly been hooking up with a woman named Julia, that he met while in college.

“Julia is from the Chicago area and met Jimmy as a freshman and he was a senior at EIU. She now lives in Austin, Texas. Some of his family even follows her (which can’t be said for AK). Jimmy often flies her out during his offseason when he works out in LA. Prior to him signing with the Patriots she had no romantic relationship with him and only made advance after he signed. She has been linked with him off an on, mainly off during the season and on when Jimmy returns to Chicago during the off season.”

It definitely looks as if the 49ers quarterback has a type.