The quest to clear Robinson Cano’s name as a PED user was underway as soon as the news broke that he would be suspended for a positive test.  Cano himself released a statement shortly after the 80 game suspension was announced.

In it he claimed to not know the substance he tested positive for was on the banned substance list.  A fact anti-doping expert, Oliver Catlin, refutes.

Via USA TODAY Sports:

“We aren’t in the dark ages anymore when the drug program started more than a decade ago and we had a number of players from the Dominican Republic testing positive,” Catlin said. “There was perhaps a lack of education in the beginning. But baseball has a clear list of banned drugs and it’s not like furosemide was just added to that list. It blows my mind that a medical professional treating a player of his caliber would not realize this drug is banned.”

More evidence of what we already know, Cano took the banned substance on purpose and had know it was on the banned substance list.  He better go back to the drawing board to formulate a new defense.