Steelers receiver Antonio Brown didn’t show up for team meetings and film review on Monday.  According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, there were several sources who didn’t know why he wasn’t at the team facility.

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown did not report for work on Monday, one day after he appeared upset on the field and left the locker room in a hurry following a 42-37 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, several team sources told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

It is not clear if Brown’s absence was excused by coach Mike Tomlin, but several sources indicated they did not know why Brown didn’t show up with the rest of his teammates for meetings and film review.

All of this after he was seen in a heated argument with the offensive coordinator on Sunday and tweeted out that the Steelers should trade him on Monday.

The 0-1-1 record through the first two week is not the start the Steelers and their fans were expecting.  Having Le’Veon Bell refuse to sign his franchise tag and now AB not show up for work isn’t what they were expecting either.

It looks like things in Pittsburgh are quickly deteriorating.  They need to get it back on track before they run into the red hot Buccaneers next Monday night.  Good luck trying to contain FitzMagic when you can’t get your players to show up.