Former member of the Steelers PR team Ryan Scarpino, took to Twitter on Sunday afternoon to take a shot at receiver Antonio Brown.  He said that Brown was lucky to be drafted by Pittsburgh because they already had Ben Roethlisberger and that AB wouldn’t put up those numbers on another team. 

AB needs to thank his lucky stars, because he was drafted by a team that had Ben. And Ben got AB paid. You know darn well he wouldn’t put up those numbers for other teams.

AB didn’t take the criticism lightly and fired back saying the Steelers should trade him so they could find out if he needs Big Ben.

While some of AB’s success can be attributed to Roethlisberger, there’s little doubt in anyone’s mind that he could put up big numbers on a different team.  With that said, Le’Veon Bell is nowhere near returning to the lineup and the Steelers off to an 0-1-1 start, Brown probably wouldn’t mind being traded.