Another day,  another L for Antonio Brown. 

A Florida judge ruled that Antonio Brown is liable for damages at the $35,000-a-month Miami condo he rented in 2018 before throwing furniture off the balcony.

Security video from the incident shows furniture crashing down from above and nearly landing on other tenants, although Brown is not seen in that footage.

The judge filed a partial summary, as the amount of damages is still being contested, but previously the landlord’s attorney said repairs were $80,000.

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Brown is also responsible for attorney fees and rent that the landlord lost over the four months that the unit was repaired after he moved away.

The condo board at The Mansions at Acqualina asked Brown to vacate the apartment after determining that his behavior violated the association’s rules.

Brown was released by Oakland and New England earlier this year.

He’s also been sued for rape and is charged with battery in Florida.

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