In this week’s episode of complex closets,  Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown shows off his insane sneaker collection at his massive 12-room mansion in Miami that includes Yeezys, Balenciagas, rare Air Jordans, and more. 

“Everyone respects the commitment and working hard and taking the game to a new level, being an athlete who represent great things on the field and off the field,” he explains. “Connecting with some of my peer friends who are doing some of the similar things I’m doing is pretty special.”

“Comfortability is everything,” the South Florida native says of his shoes. “But you gotta make a statement.”

Brown also talks about fellow athletes like LeBron James, and how special it was when he played for the Miami Heat.

“We still hope he might come back,” the football player joked of the current Cleveland Cavaliers star. “Save a little on taxes in Miami.” Pretty sweet life. He’s one of the best, if not THE best receiver in the NFL.