But this time, Brown seemed eager to regain what he had lost. He sat down with his father and delivered these words: Maybe I need to change what I’m doing. Brown informed his dad that he was undergoing therapy, which a source has confirmed to ESPN. Neither Eddie nor the source could confirm what kind of therapy, the frequency of his treatment or much else — but Brown himself referenced his therapist on Twitter in October.

“He understands something may be going on, and he’s going to see about it,” Eddie, a former Arena Football League star, told ESPN in the first of a series of interviews, this one in October. “If there is or isn’t, he’ll find out. But he’s not sitting around doing nothing. … That come-to-Jesus moment came home.”

Therapy or not, Brown has continued to pile up tweets that don’t help his case for employment. In his rare public comments, all on social media, Brown has bounced from being apologetic to antagonistic, sometimes in the same day.