Financial emergencies appear when you expect them the least. The situation gets even worse if you don’t work. So what can you do if you need extra money for car repairs or medical treatment? Guaranteed loans for the unemployed are offered by direct lenders across the United States. They are fast, easy, and convenient to use.

What Are Guaranteed Loans for the Unemployed

Finding an excellent personal loan isn’t as easy as it seems. No one wants to pay extremely high interest rates and agree to drastic terms and conditions. Moreover, not many lenders can’t guarantee you a positive outcome.

Guaranteed loans for unemployed are loans provided to the unemployed by direct lenders. Despite the name , they aren’t approved in 100% of cases. But they have a high approval rate, which makes them attractive to potential borrowers.

Being unemployed, you will need to prove your financial capabilities. In other words, you will need to explain how you are going to cover the debt. Here are the possible sources to qualify with:

  • Social Security
  • Long-term disability
  • Child support/alimony
  • Rental property
  • Retirement
  • Trust fund
  • Dividends or interest

If you have any of these sources of income, you can be viewed as an eligible candidate for approval. Of course, some other factors can be taken into account as well.

Every state has local requirements to be followed by lenders and borrowers. Lenders can also adjust their services to specific standards. So you will have to comply with them whether you want it or not.

Guaranteed Loans for the Unemployed with Poor Credit

If you are unemployed, you may face some difficulties. What if your credit score is low? Will it affect your chances of receiving guaranteed loans for the unemployed?

Having a poor credit score can affect many aspects of your life. It will be more difficult to get loan approvals, credit cards, line of credit products, and so on. It may cause some doubts for lenders that become unsure about your reliance as a responsible borrower. They simply don’t know whether you will be able to cover your debt on time.

But what do lenders understand under the term “bad credit”? Many financial institutions keep track of your financial behavior throughout your life. As a result, they give you a three-digit score based on how responsible you are with your financial resources.

The most common credit-scoring mechanism is known as the FICO score (Fair, Isaac, and Company). It’s one of the major credit agencies that record your financial background. The FICO score has the following concept:

  • 800–850: Exceptional credit
  • 740–799: Very good credit
  • 670–739: Good credit
  • 580–669: Fair credit
  • 0–580: Bad credit

How do things work here? A credit agency, namely FICO, monitors your financial . How many financial accounts have you opened? How do you use your credit cards? Do you make all the payments on time? Then, it puts the collected data together and issues a three-digit number that represents your creditworthiness.

In fact, lenders are more eager to provide personal loans to borrowers with good scores. However, your bad credit isn’t going to be a negative verdict for you. Your chances of approval are still there.

How Do Guaranteed Loans for the Unemployed Work?

Many people around the world have to deal with financial difficulties. Many of those who lost jobs may experience additional stress, panic, depression, and other mental problems. Moreover, they also have financial complexes encouraged by unemployment.

The major concern raised by unemployed people is where to find a lender that will give them guaranteed loans for the unemployed. Fortunately, there are direct lenders that offer this kind of lending service. All you need to do is to complete an online loan request, get approval and wait for money to land in your bank account. The whole process seems to be quite easy.

Make sure to provide only accurate information yourself. Once you get approval, read through the terms and conditions not to miss some important details. And stick to the repayment plan to stay on good terms with the lender. As a result, you will get sufficient cash to cover your expenses!