Via Goal:

“I knew [Messi] at Barcelona years ago, I let people talk, these are things we cannot avoid,” he explained to  Canal +   on Sunday. 

“I do not believe in these stories. I was able to meet him, he is the best player in the world. I appreciate him enormously.

“Those who know me know who I really am, and that’s all that matters…It’s been seven years [that I’ve been more judged on my personal life than on my game].

“Wanda is famous, I am too. But that does not affect my game. Otherwise I would not have played for Inter and scored 150 goals. We try to live our relationship as best as possible. We are both in love. And we do not choose who we fall in love with, it’s like that.”

Messi is a powerful guy.  Icardi is kissing the ring here.  He must really want a spot on the national team.  Either way he’ll be just fine.

Take a look at Mrs. Icardi below:

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