Cardinals tight end Ricky Seals-Jones was arrested on three charges Saturday night after a scuffle ensued when he was denied entrance to the W Scottsdale to use a bathroom, according to Scottsdale police.

Seals-Jones was charged with assault, disorderly conduct and third-degree criminal trespassing after he pushed a member of the hotel’s security team who was working at the front entrance of the hotel.

Seals-Jones, who police said appeared to be drunk with “bloodshot watery eyes,” tried to enter the hotel through its main entrance to use the restroom but was told the hotel was open only to guests at that time, according to the report.

He then walked over to the entrance of a sushi restaurant that’s connected to the hotel and entered after moving ropes and stanchions that were set up to block non-guests from entering. Seals-Jones told police that he went over the ropes because he wanted to use the restaurant’s restroom.

Once inside, where he moved another set of ropes and stanchions, according to the report, Seals-Jones was confronted by staff of the hotel who tried to get Seals-Jones to leave but, according to the report, that’s when he became physical.

“He became combative, pushed me,” one of the hotel employees said in the report.

The employee explained that Seals-Jones “shoved” him in the shoulder. That, according to the report, is when the hotel employees “went hands on” Seals-Jones, tackling him to the ground in an attempt to get him out of the hotel.

Another member of the hotel’s security team said once inside the hotel, Seals-Jones “muscled his way in by pushing him back with his elbow to his shoulder and chest,” according to the report. Seals-Jones then pushed that member of security and another one, and it was “pretty forceful,” like “being moved by an offensive lineman.”

According to surveillance video from the hotel detailed in the report, the hotel employees and Seals-Jones were seen “rapidly” coming out of the sushi restaurant’s entrance and falling over benches. They all walked away toward the valet area of the hotel’s entrance and then another struggle began, with Seals-Jones ending up on the ground.

Seals-Jones, who was arrested at 1:35 a.m. and transported to a Scottsdale jail, was signed by the Cardinals as an undrafted free agent in 2017. He played in 10 games last season with one start and caught 12 passes for 201 yards and three touchdowns. He is a cousin of Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson.

Just another young guy making too much money for his age. He thinks he is above the law. When will these guys learn?