Arizona State lost a heart breaker on Wednesday night to Syracuse during the First Four.  The Sun Devils took the lead early in the second half and held it most of the second half before having their hearts ripped out with just under three minutes left to play in the game.

The loss gave us the first crying kid of March Madness.  What a beautiful moment.  This kid turns out to be the son of Arizona State’s athletic trainer. 

Via CBS Sports:

The kid had a moment in the lowlight on national TV where Twitter almost certainly had its fun with him, but he got the last laugh. Turns out, the kid’s name is Jacob — and he’s the son of the Arizona State athletic trainer.  

Unlike other fans in the stands in anguish over their team’s defeat, Jacob actually was able to be consoled by the team. Arizona State posted to its Twitter account that he hugged each student-athlete as they returned to the hotel from the 60-56 loss to the Orange.  

These are the moments that add so much more to the joys of the NCAA Tournament.  The best part is this is just the beginning.  Keep the tears flowing kids.