A’s fan gives the visiting Angels an assist on a six run inning by reaching into the field of play and making a catch on a foul ball.  The play was reviewed and determined not to be fan interference because it doesn’t appear as if right fielder Stephen Piscotty was going to make the catch, much like the Steve Bartman play by the way, no way Moises Alou was catching that ball either.

Later in the at-bat Andrelton Simmons drove in two runs to make it a one run game.  Then the A’s loaded the bases again by hitting a batter before giving up a grand slam.  Naturally it was all the fan’s fault.

Now don’t get me wrong, the fan is not without blame and should have been tossed.  Just not for touching a ball in play.  This woman, and any adult for that matter, should have been removed from the ballpark for bringing a glove to a game.  Gloves at games are for kids and kids only!