An Astros fan, who isn’t happy his team traded for Roberto Osuna, says he was kicked out of Saturday night’s game because of a domestic violence sign he held up in the 9th inning.  He took to Twitter to explain what took place.

⁦I was kicked out of MMP by Astros security for holding up this sign before T9. I asked them what was offensive about it. They said nothing. First said it wasn’t baseball related, then said I wasn’t allowed to make a political statement. IMO, this is wrong. 

The fan also talked to the local media about his 9th inning run in with Minute Maid Park security and explained that there wasn’t any incident with fellow fans that required security. 

Via ABC 13:

“Some people were not happy about it. Some people were supportive. But either way, there was never an usher called. No security was ever called. Nothing ever happened until Saturday night,” said Jukkola. “I want them to allow me to peacefully protest and not to be removed from the ballpark.”

It seems like an odd sign to be kicked out for.  You would think the Astros would be for more people being aware of the domestic violence hotline.  

But I guess if they were at all concerned about the issue of domestic violence they probably would have passed on trading for Osuna.