Aundrey Ricks has established a profound presence on multiple marketing platforms with his company Raw Impact. Ricks understands that marketing is not only a way for people to connect with friends and family but network with clients. Many of his exclusive clients that he works with describe Rick’s presence as a raw impact to the marketing industry. 

He first started to achieve a large amount of attention online for his stellar play in college. Back in college, he was a hard nose tough guard, a  typical kid who would have played in the Detroit PSL basketball league. Players all across the country admired his personality as well as his hard nose AND1 style of play on the court. This fact was something that the crew at ESPN took notice of early on and adding him to their top 5 ESPN Plays of The Week.

The game where Ricks displayed the terrific moves was against Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech is one of the most well respected teams in college basketball. Ricks knew his team had to make a statement, so he put on a show not only for his team but for the city of Detroit where he grew up; in Detroit which he comes from a family of Boxing Champions which include his dad, Danny  “MadDog” Paul, uncle, Jimmy “Ringmaster” Paul, and Step Uncle, Thomas “The HitMan” Hearns. 

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One thing many successful entrepreneurs and him have in common is utilizing cross-branding to achieve success. Raw Impact has accomplished a myriad of marketing goals thanks to networking through cross-branding. People from all over the world have bought merchandise and continue to support the brand. Young entrepreneurs can look at the brilliant marketing skills of him and use it as a blueprint to success. 

Ricks is beyond grateful for all the cross-branding attention his brand Raw Impact is getting on social media, whether it’s a celebrity with a million followers or one of his friends or supporters with only 1 follower!  Never in his wildest dreams did he think his brand would go this far without having faith. 

Ricks now understands that he made the correct decision to invest in himself before his tough time graduating from college and trying to balance being a dad at the same time.    All of the cross-branding inspires him to continue on his path of success. Today he has a wide variety of successful businesses and has more upcoming. He hopes to illustrate to the inner city youth that anything is possible! 

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